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LA Lights Meet - Veterans Memorial Auditorium

Dear Rhythmic Program:


We are very excited about the upcoming season and appreciate the rhythmic community’s enthusiasm to plan events!


All judges (Level 3-6, Level 7/8, National, and Brevet) must recertify for the new cycle as is required every new Olympic cycle.

Score Sheets for Levels 7-8 only – All score sheets (4 copies of each) must be RECEIVED via mail on or before January 16, 2017. An administrative fee of $40 per club will be assessed and cannot be negotiated if materials not provided on time. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. Please mail all the HARD copies to:
LA School of Gymnastics
c/o LA Lights: 8450 Higuera St, Culver City, CA 90232 USA.


Therefore, it is currently not possible to assign judges or accept judging assignments for any upcoming event. Results for the Junior Olympic Level 3-6 and Level 7/8 exams will be available by December 1st, 2016. Results for the National Exam (Level 9/10/Elite) will be released by March 12, 2017. Meet directors may begin contacting judges at each level after the exam results have been released.


Invitational, State, and Regional competitions including level 9/10 participants may not be held before March 17, 2017. The only exception is an FIG event utilizing judges who have passed their Brevet exam at the Intercontinental Course in Baku. In this case, the competition and all judges must be approved in advance by the USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Program. Note: It is possible for Level 9/10 athletes to participate in a gala/routine exhibition performance during a Level 3-8 event prior to March 17, 2017.


Judges will be paid at their current level of certification for each competition. From December through mid-March, the highest level of certification will be Level 7/8 ($20/hr) except for any US Brevet who passes the Intercontinental exam in January. Even if a judge has been certified at a National or Brevet level in the past, the meet director will pay judging fees at their current level of certification for the 2017 cycle/rules.


Online Junior Olympic Courses – Online courses will be held the weekends of October 29-30 (Level 3-8 and Group) and November 5-6(Level 7/8 and Group) via the GoToWebinar application. These online courses will be open to all coaches and judges. Registration will be $25 per person and covers all four days of the webinar. Online registration for these courses will open in October. Coaches are strongly urged to listen to as much as possible.


Please refer to USA Gymnastics rules and policies (the rulebook is available for your reference at USA Gymnastics website).


FOREIGN ATHLETES/COACHES/JUDGES – 2017 LA Lights is a sanctioned competition and will follow rules and policies set forth by the International Gymnastics Federation / FIG and the United States Gymnastics Federation / USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics requires all gymnasts, coaches and judges participating in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events to be registered members of USA Gymnastics.

Please submit your Membership application directly to USAG. For more information, please contact USA Gymnastics Member Services by telephone at 800-345-4719, by telefax number (317) 692-5212 or at the following e-mail address:

Please refer to sanction #59143 in any correspondence to USAG office regarding this event.

ONE COACH – Please keep in mind, LA LIGHTS management will maintain its annual policy of 1 coach per 5 athletes competing on the floor at any given time. For instance, if you have 12 athletes, a MAX of 2 coaches are allotted on the competition floor at any time. Another example, if your team consists of 5, or up to 5 athletes, ONE COACH will be allowed on the floor, please allocate your organizational leadership in advance. Once your athletes have cleared the floor areas, we ask that their coach stays with the athletes at all times until they have completed utilization of the competitive practice and main floors.


JO Handbook:
Please note, that the athletes will be grouped by the levels, not by age.

Judging Rhythmic Gymnastics


Event Location

Veterans Memorial Auditorium
4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
FREE Parking

Corporate Office

8450 Higuera Street
Culver City, CA 90232-2520



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