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2016 LA Lights Tournament of Champions!
Los Angeles, CA, USA

LASG has proudly served the community since 1975 to encourage all areas of the sport, including rhythmic gymnastics. In testament to its commitment to setting the bar for gymnastic standards and excellence, the school annually sponsors the LA Lights Tournament of Champions. The 2016 LA Lights competition is slated for January 22-25 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, California. Athlete registration is now closed.

LA Lights 2016 VIP Seating Form (Click to Register)

NEW! 2015 Competition dates: Jan 21-24, 2016

Information for USA Domestic Coaches

Dear participants of the 2016 LA Lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament of Champions!
We are absolutely delighted to have your participation in this monumental event. It is our pleasure to ensure that you and your athletes receive the highest caliber of competition and the utmost wonderful experience while competing alongside the greatest rhythmic gymnasts on the planet. All USA coaches need to complete this certification before you can be on the floor at any sanctioned competition (otherwise Meet Director cannot allow you in). Per the notifications provided by USA Gymnastics online and in its publications over the past year, coaches on the floor of sanctioned competitions must have the minimum required coaching certification of U100. Click Here for more info.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance. Please mail all the HARD copies to LA School of Gymnastics c/o LA Lights:

LA School of Gymnastics c/o LA Lights
8450 Higuera Street Culver City, California
90232 United States

Information for all Judges (Foreign and Domestic)

All clubs please submit information regarding your participating judge. Please send us an email with the name of your Judge and Judging category on or before December 12, 2014.

JUDGES: All clubs should submit the information regarding their judges. Please send us the email with the name of the Judge and the Judging category before December 12, 2014.

Tentative schedule as of Thursday 30th July 2015:

*Subject to change.

Wednesday – Jan 21st

Arrival excursions and
checkin to host hotel

Thursday – Jan 22nd

Athlete, Coaches, Judges, Officials,
Registration/Credentialsmain floor
warm ups and (event banquet tentative)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Level 5 Group A (17) Floor/Rope 8:30 9:30
Level 5 Group B (17) Floor/Rope 9:30 10:30
Level 5 Group C (17) Floor/Rope 10:30 11:30
Level 7 Group A (21) Floor/Rope 11:35 1:00
Level 7 Group B (21) Floor/Rope 1:00 2:25
Level 8 Group A (17) Floor/Hoop 2:25 3:35
Level 9 H/Jr Group A (23) Rope/Hoop 4:45 6:20
Level 9 H/Jr Group B (23) Rope/Hoop 6:20 7:55
Level 9 Sr Group A (14) Hoop/Ball 7:55 8:50
Level 9 Sr Group B (15) Hoop/Ball 8:55 9:55

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Level 3, 4 (31) Floor/Rope/Ball 8:30 10:00
Level 5 Group C (17) Hoop/Ball 10:00 11:00
Level 5 Group A (17) Hoop/Ball 11:00 12:00
Level 5 Group B (17) Hoop/Ball 12:00 1:00
Level 6 Group A Ch (18) Floor/Rope 1:00 2:05
Level 6 Group B Jr (17) Floor/Rope 2:05 3:05
Groups 3:05 3:30
Level 7 Group B (21) Ball/Clubs 3:30 4:55
Level 7 Group A(21) Ball/Clubs 4:55 6:20
Level 10 Jr (12) Rope/Hoop 6:20 7:10
Level 10 Sr Group A (16) Hoop/Ball 7:10 8:25
Level 10 Sr Group B (15) Hoop/Ball 8:25 9:30

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Level 6 Group B Jr (17) Hoop/Clubs 8:30 9:30
Level 6 Group A Ch (18) Hoop/Clubs 9:30 10:35
Level 8 Group B (17) Ball/Clubs 10:35 11:45
Level 8 Group A (17) Ball/Clubs 11:45 12:45
Level 9 H/Jr Group B (23) Ball/Clubs 12:45 2:20
Level 9 H/Jr Group A(23) Ball/Clubs 2:20 3:55
Level 9 H/Jr Group A(23) Ball/Clubs 2:20 3:55
Level 9 Sr Group B (15) Clubs/Ribbon 3:55 4:55
Level 9 Sr Group A (14) Clubs/Ribbon 4:55 5:50
Level 10 Jr (12) Ball/Clubs 6:00 6:50
Level 10 Sr Group B (15) Clubs/Ribbon 6:50 7:55
Level 10 Sr Group A (16) Clubs/Ribbon 7:55 9:00
Gala Show 9:00 9:30


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Level 3, 4, 5 Awards Room 3:00 4:00
Level 6 (2 events), 7, Group Awards Room 6:00 7:00

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Level 6, 8 Awards Room 2:00 3:00
Level 9 Awards Room 7:00 8:00
Level 10 Main Gym 9:30 10:00

RULES & POLICIES – Please refer to the USA Gymnastics rules and policies (the rulebook is available for your reference at USA Gymnastics website)

Levels 3 & 4 will be competing in pairs. We encourage coaches to contact our offices on or before December 15, 2014 with their athlete pairing preference, or the committee will automatically assign in a random order by the scoring management team.

FOREIGN ATHLETES/COACHES/JUDGES – 2015 LA Lights is a sanctioned competition and will follow rules and policies set forth by the International Gymnastics Federation / FIG and the United States Gymnastics Federation / USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics requires all gymnasts, coaches and judges participating in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events to be registered members of USA Gymnastics. Please submit your Membership application directly to USAG. For more information, please contact USA Gymnastics Member Services by telephone at (317) 237-5050, by telefax number (317) 692-5212 or at the following e-mail address:
USA Gymnastics office

ONE COACH – We understand that for many, it has been a very long time since we have seen our peers, friends, co-workers and associates. LA Lights is known to bring people from around the globe to celebrate the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics and combine the friendships we have all made through the years at this event.  There are many opportunities to have social encounters with your friends, however it cannot be on the competition floor during the course of the event. Therefore, we will be strictly enforcing a ONE COACH per 5 or more athletes policy for each club. Once your athletes have cleared the floor areas, we ask that their coach stays with the athletes at all times until they have completed utilization of the competitive practice and main floors.

Score Sheets – All score sheets (4 copies of each) must be sent via mail on or before January 1, 2015. An administrative fee of $40 per club will be assessed and cannot be negotiated if materials not provided on time.
We appreciate your cooperation in advance. Please mail all the HARD copies to
LA School of Gymnastics c/o LA Lights:
8450 Higuera St, Culver City,
CA 90232, USA.d:

Important Message About YOUR Music!

  • Please bring 2 new cds of your routine music that are unscratched.
  • Please label them CLEARLY with your name, song title /artist and club.
  • You must test them in a cd player PRIOR to you performance to ensure the recording is adequate and copied.
  • LA Lights committee is NOT responsible for music.



Suggested Flight Itinerary
National Team Member Questionnaire
USAG Foreign Athlete Coach Judge
Visa Form
Invitational Volunteer Form
Volunteer Schedule
Program Ad Form

See you in Sunny Los Angeles!

Event Location

Veterans Memorial Auditorium 4117 Overland Avenue Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 204-1980

Competition Start Date: January 23, 2015


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